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2022 Critical Social Ontology Workshop (via Zoom) – call for papers!

Please spread the word — and consider participating! Click on the link to see the call.

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New Paper: Conceptualizing Powers

Paper just out in Synthese! Here is a link that you can use to get to it. I hope that you & your loved ones are okay.


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2020 Critical Social Ontology Workshop — COVID-19

COVID-19 Update. Sadly, we have decided to cancel this year’s Critical Social Ontology Workshop. If only for the safety of more-vulnerable members of our communities, we do not want to invite travel in the midst of this global health crisis. … Continue reading

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Comments on ‘Counterpossible’ Counterfactual Dependence

Comment on a paper at the Central States Philosophical Association annual meeting, Oct. 18-19, 2019. Comments on counterpossible causation

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The Causal Criterion of Existence in the Context of Passivism

Finally a real post!  Albeit actually just a question to the hive-mind.  It’s this.  It seems to me that anyone who wants to say, of either (putative) dispositional properties or (putative) categorical properties (“putative” so as not to assume anything … Continue reading

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2nd Annual Critical Social Ontology Workshop, October 2018 – Program

Re-posting because it wasn’t showing consistently! CSOW, 2018 – Program, Revised Sept. 16

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CfP – Critical Social Ontology Workshop, 2018!

2nd Annual CSOW conference, October 13/14, 2018, St. Louis, MO – cfp.  For more information on CSOW, see the Critical Social Ontology Workshop fb page or website! CSOW – cfp June 7, 2018

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Synthese, On-Line First — “Sublating the Free Will Problematic: Powers, Agency & Causal Determination”

Here is the PDF.  Hopefully Synthese will fix the link that they sent me, which is not presently working.  Also, there is a sentence about Alexander Bird that ends “… identities (or natures).”  It is supposed to end with “essentially.”  … Continue reading

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On David Armstrong

In the book that I am writing – slowly but surely (A Critical Introduction to Causal Powers and Dispositions, for Bloomsbury’s Critical Introductions to Contemporary Metaphysics series) – the governing analytic device is the distinction between anti-passivism and passivism (roughly, … Continue reading

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Emergence, Part 1

There was a lot of discussion of the metaphysics of emergence at the Causal Powers and Sociology conference that we organized this past weekend.  Almost everyone there was someone who’d thought about emergence a lot; many of the people there … Continue reading

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