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Substances, powers & necessitation

Some preliminary thoughts about substances and metaphysical necessitation, by way of Harre & Madden. Okay, the following is a view (as they say): “The relationship between causes and the effects that they bring about is one of metaphysical necessity, not … Continue reading


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Emergence, Part 2 (of 3)

In what was going to be Part 2 but will now be Part 3, I was (and still am) going to say a few things about how I think of emergence, in keeping with what I said in Part 1. … Continue reading

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A quick word about categorical properties

Contemporary debates over categorical properties – mention of such properties, even – very often involves people talking past one another. This did not used to be the case.  It used to be that everyone knew what a categorical property was … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Walter Ott — Powers Views in the History of Philosophy

Walter Ott is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Virginia.  He is the author of Causation & Laws of Nature in Early Modern Philosophy (Oxford, 2009) [which I liked a lot], among other things.  I’m completely on board … Continue reading

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