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On Social Ontology – Capitalism, Racism, Patriarchy

Here’s a link to a talk that I just gave on the metaphysics of capital/capitalism.   Also some discussion of white supremacy and patriarchy. the-fetishism-of-commodities-and-the-metaphysical-secret-thereof-2   Advertisements

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“Powers, Essentialism & Agency …

… : A Reply to Alexander Bird.” Here, in talk form, is an overdue reply to my friend Alexander.  Presented by Skype to a conference on powers and essentialism organized by the philosophy department of American University in Beirut this … Continue reading

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Jonathan Webber on “Sublating the Free Will Problematic”

Comments generously given by Jonathan Webber on the paper that I posted recently (scroll down or look under “free will”).  I will reply a.s.a.p., but I invite others to weigh in also.  The topic of powers and free will is … Continue reading

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Powers & the Free Will Problematic

In chapter 5 of Ontology Revisited (Routledge, 2012), I undertook to show how Humeanism structures the contemporary free will problematic.  In the paper attached below I set out what happens to the architecture of the problematic if one replaces the … Continue reading

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