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Substances, powers & necessitation

Some preliminary thoughts about substances and metaphysical necessitation, by way of Harre & Madden. Okay, the following is a view (as they say): “The relationship between causes and the effects that they bring about is one of metaphysical necessity, not … Continue reading

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Social Structures as Causes

This is a memo for an upcoming working conference on social ontology from a powers-based perspective.  We were charged with setting out something that vexes us, that we are trying to sort out.  All thoughts welcome!  Sorry about the formatting … Continue reading

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Kant & Causal Powers Again

Okay, one last time.  <– Famous last words.  I went back to Watkins [and also considered James Kreines’ “Kant on the Laws of Nature” (2009) – i.e., James Kreines who has been kind enough to have several protracted conversations with … Continue reading

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“Why Can’t I be Neutral About What Causation Is?”

Here’s the plenary talk (“On the Myth of Metaphysical Neutrality”) that I gave last week at the annual Critical Realism conference.  The talk was connected to Ontology Revisted: Metaphysics in Social and Political Philosohy (Routledge, 2012) having won the Cheryl … Continue reading

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Locke on powers, etc.

I’ve been pouring over Locke’s Essay.  One reason for doing so is that while straight-up passivists are usually (either expressly or deep down) Humeans, less overtly passivist positions in/elements of the contemporary powers-related discussion are, in key respects, recognizably Lockean.  … Continue reading

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On Causal Mechanisms

Hi all, I continue to encourage you to post your own powers-related thoughts, news of your own work and news of all manner of related resource.  I’ve made categories that allow you to just “Reply” so that the posts don’t … Continue reading

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Causal mechanisms

Quick: What’s the difference between a causal mechanism and a (productive) cause? I bet you will say that the causal mechanism is the “means whereby” the cause causes what it causes.  Insulin lowers blood sugar … <wait for it> … … Continue reading

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