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Social Structures as Causes

This is a memo for an upcoming working conference on social ontology from a powers-based perspective.  We were charged with setting out something that vexes us, that we are trying to sort out.  All thoughts welcome!  Sorry about the formatting … Continue reading

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Important discussion of powers by Jonathan Beere

I’m reading a book that I think everyone who is interested in powers ought to read.  And would love, if you do.  Or at least find very helpful.  Regardless of whether or not you agree with the author (Jonathan Beere) … Continue reading

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Charlotte Witt: On Aristotelian powers

Thanks Charlotte! CW:  My view on Aristotelian powers is that they cannot be given a dispositional analysis.  (Other Aristotle scholars think of powers as dispositions so this is at one level a debate about interpretation.)  To say that x has … Continue reading

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