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Powers & Free will – Thoughts in Reply to Jonathan Webber, pt. 1

Hi Jonathan!  I’m so sorry for the delay in replying.  Thank you so much for your comments.  I do hope that others will join in the conversation.  Let me see what I can do. You wrote:  But I don’t grasp … Continue reading

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Jonathan Webber on “Sublating the Free Will Problematic”

Comments generously given by Jonathan Webber on the paper that I posted recently (scroll down or look under “free will”).  I will reply a.s.a.p., but I invite others to weigh in also.  The topic of powers and free will is … Continue reading

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Causal mechanisms

Quick: What’s the difference between a causal mechanism and a (productive) cause? I bet you will say that the causal mechanism is the “means whereby” the cause causes what it causes.  Insulin lowers blood sugar … <wait for it> … … Continue reading


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