Ways to make use of this site!

People found fb hard to navigate, so I created this WordPress platform.  But unlike fb, where anyone could post something, here you can’t begin a new thread.  This sucks.

Here are some options for how you can post things:

1. I’ve made categories (via an umbrella posts to which anyone can reply) to allow for various kinds of information-sharing and conversation.  You can post as a reply to the umbrella post, then click that you want to be notified of future replies — et voila!

2. You can post anything you want to the Powers, Capacities and Dispositions fb page, and I will cut & paste it into a new post here.  The address is: https://www.facebook.com/powerscapacitiesanddispositions

Also, please do consider introducing yourself.  I made a category for that, too.  Just click on the category labelled “Tell us about yourself!”  It would be really nice if this could be a genuinely supportive and friendly shared space, and it would be really interesting so see what people are working on.

If you have ideas for other ways I can facilitate participation on this platform, please let me know!  Just write a reply to this post.

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