Tell Us About Yourself!

Tell us what brings you to this topic, what you’re working on, etc.  Here, unlike on fb, I think I’ll be able to put everyone’s posts into an archived category!

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7 Responses to Tell Us About Yourself!

  1. rgroff2013 says:

    I’ll start. I have broad interests in this area, ranging from the metaphysics of powers proper to the implications of realism about powers for discussion at a number of other levels of abstraction (free will, philosophy of social science, relativism about knowledge, etc.), to the place of powers in the history of Western philosophy. Next planned book is *A Critical Introduction to Causal Powers & Dispositions*, which will be part of a really nice new series edited by Tuomas Tahko. Soon (ish), I want to write on the ontology of Marx’s analysis in *Capital*. For the record, I think that a belief in powers is a belief in the irreducible reality of dynamism. As it happens, I also think that some powerful things are genuinely, robustly material. Though probably not all such things are. I am not completely decided on the question of whether all properties are powers, but I’m pretty sure that I say no. Or at least that whatever it is that leads me to want to say no is important. I’m also pretty sure that I think that powers are grounded in or by the powerful things (“things” broadly construed) that can (but may or may not) do this and/or that.

  2. Hi, I would love to follow the conversation and maybe to add to it here and there. I am very interested in the basic topics of properties, dispositionalism, laws of nature and related topics. I’m a grad student at CUNY. I am currently writing on grounding and causation and this has made me very interested in the specific question of how relations are or ought to be individuated, given that this question would serve as the basis for assessing the more specific issue of how to frame the difference between what appear to be distinct dependence / determination relations (grounding and causation).

    • rgroff2013 says:

      Welcome! Sorry so belated … You should weigh in on the post where I posed that exact question!

  3. umerfshaikh says:

    Hi all. I’m a graduate student, too, in the Program in Ancient Philosophy at UMich. I’ve just started on a dissertation on Aristotle’s concept of powers and their relation to his physical theories (esp. wrt causation) and his ideas about modality more generally. I’m also interested in the contemporary work being done in the area. So, I’m quite pleased to have stumbled upon this blog!

  4. rgroff2013 says:

    Welcome! And thanks for your interesting post! I am hoping that Charlotte (and others) will be able to respond! I’m sure that you know Anna Marmodoro’s work — yes? If somehow the answer is no, you should Google her and her project at Oxford!

  5. tomkivatinos says:

    Above you had said that you posted a post specifically about the question concerning how relations are or ought to be individuated. Indeed, I would love to see this post! Please link me to it, I can’t find it. Thanks very much!

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