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Charlotte Witt: On Aristotelian powers

Thanks Charlotte! CW:  My view on Aristotelian powers is that they cannot be given a dispositional analysis.  (Other Aristotle scholars think of powers as dispositions so this is at one level a debate about interpretation.)  To say that x has … Continue reading

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Watkins, Kant & anti-passivism

More Kant.  I am dipping into Eric Watkins’ book, Kant and the Metaphysics of Causality.  I can’t read it in full at the moment, but would love to hear from anyone who has.  It’s a crucial book to grapple with … Continue reading

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New categories on the blog

I’ve added categories for sharing reviews, for publicizing your work and for posing questions and thoughts. In all cases (these categories and others), just reply to the first post from me in that category, and then click that you want … Continue reading

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Ways to make use of this site!

People found fb hard to navigate, so I created this WordPress platform.  But unlike fb, where anyone could post something, here you can’t begin a new thread.  This sucks. Here are some options for how you can post things: 1. … Continue reading

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On rejecting one’s powers-based cake but wanting to eat it too

My theory is that most people – even most philosophers – in fact hold a productive, powers-based conception of causation.  Most people, that is (to switch from causation to causes), assume that causes actually bring about effects (when they do … Continue reading

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Links to good blogs

Here is a blog that should be of interest to anyone powers-minded.  Blogger is Dan Little. Blog is called Understanding Society. Let’s start a list of powers-y blogs!

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Articles of interest!

I’m starting this as a thread for people to add to in order to post news of articles others might like to know about.

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